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            Welcome to the Blue Mule 
The 25mm fantasy figures you see here are the collective property of our gaming group and date from the 1970's to the present day.
The collection includes the work of many well-known sculptors and covers a wide range of manufacturers from Europe and the USA. Special pieces will be shown in the display case below and changed from time to time.
A Lance & Laser figure. 
Sculptor Kevin Kontos.
This is more than just a gallery of painted miniatures: each entry includes 
 information about the figure, its production and the manufacturer, which  
we hope will help other collectors who are trying to identify their figures                          
This ongoing project will eventually include the whole Blue Mule collection,  
with a list of reference sources and links to other  sites of interest. This 
will necessarily take time, meanwhile, please feel free to contact us with any comments or queries.
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